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Discover the world of our manufactory.

Papier maché - what is it actually?

The long-known paper mache material was used for the first time in the production of figures at the end of the 18th century. The French name actually means "shredded paper" and was used as a generic term for numerous mixtures of paper, water, glue and other additives. Many companies have developed their own recipe - including MAROLIN®.

Handmade products - Made in Germany.

The MAROLIN® mass not only creates the perfectly shaped crib figures in the old style, but also numerous profane figures and representations, such as Easter bunnies, Santa Clauses, animals or traditional figures.

Our latest creations from the MAROLIN® paper mache range include lampshades and vessels with a slate look. Our homeland, the Thuringian Slate Mountains, and one of the main components of our mass, the slate clay, were the inspiration for the color design.

Since the early 1970s, MAROLIN® has expanded its product range with nativity figures, knights and plastic play animals. The environmentally friendly material polyethylene contains no plasticizers. The surfaces of the figures are painted with solvent-free paints.

In 2011, MAROLIN® resumed the production of traditional glass jewelry from the 1920s and 1930s. Over a hundred different ornaments are painted in the company and finally covered with a fine patina, which gives them a nostalgic look.

The wide range of MAROLIN® has something for you too. Anyone who appreciates traditional craftsmanship and attaches great importance to the fact that the products are made entirely in Germany is in the right place at MAROLIN®.

Nativity scene

Figures in the crib landscape

On closer inspection, we found that each crib looks different. The crib stables are mostly similar, but very diverse. But what all cribs have in common are the crib figures. No matter whether made of wood or papier mache. With some cribs only the most important figures can be seen, others expand your crib landscape with shepherds and other animals to infinity.

The most important figures of a crib

The main role in the crib is the baby Jesus with his parents Maria and Josef. Usually dressed only in a diaper and placed in a crib, this symbolizes the poverty and humanity of the baby Jesus, the son of God. Mary is usually shown kneeling next to the crib bed, Joseph standing with a lantern whose light symbolizes hope. In addition to the main characters, ox and donkey usually find their place in the stable.

The shepherds with sheep and goats usually take their place next to the Christmas crib. The shepherds stand for the people and listened to the angels. And immediately left to see the baby Jesus first. The sheep are a symbol of innocent suffering - analogous to the later life of Jesus - and thus, like the shepherds, also belong to the crib landscape.

Often set up later because they only arrived on the nativity scene on January 6th, the Three Kings also belong to the crib landscape. Known as the Three Wise Men from the East, Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar brought their gifts, incense, gold and myrrh to the baby Jesus.

Paper mache nativity figures

In his long creative period of almost 60 years, our modeler Julius Weigelt created crib figures with a distinctive character. For us today, this means that all models bear his own handwriting and can be easily combined with one another.

We have always offered nativity figures in various sizes. In addition to Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, our extensive range also includes various shepherds, the three kings, angels and various animals that complement the Christmas crib perfectly. The lifelike design of the models based on historical models still allows the exchange or addition of existing figures without any problems.

Different figure sizes

Our paper mache nativity figures are available in 8 different figure sizes. You can choose between:

8 inch nativity figures

6.75 inch nativity figures

5.75 inch nativity figures

4.75 inch crib figures

4.5 inch crib figures

4 inch crib figures

3.5 inch nativity figures

1.5 inch nativity figures

Nativity figures made of plastic

Our plastic crib figures are a real alternative to paper mache figures. They are also suitable for families with children, as they can withstand a shock or fall without damage.

Our plastic nativity figures were also designed by our modeler Julius Weigelt and look similar to paper mache figures. They are still manufactured in our company using the injection molding process and painted and patinated by hand.

The plastic crib figures are available in 3 different figure sizes. You can choose between the following sizes:

4.75 inch plastic crib figures

3.5 inch plastic crib figures

2.75 inch plastic crib figures

Note about our plastic nativity figures

However, we would like to point out that all of our crib figures are not toys in the sense of EN 71! Please only allow your children under 14 to play with it under supervision.

Have a look through our crib worlds, we are sure that you will find the right one for you.

Christmas world

Celebrate Christmas like in childhood

Even as children, we were fascinated by Christmas decorations: from Santa Claus boots to Santa Clauses to glittering tree decorations. All of these things filled our hearts with anticipation. And we still feel this feeling today when the shop windows are packed with the many beautiful things in the run-up to Christmas and we look at them longingly.

Fulfill a long-cherished childhood wish and browse through the MAROLIN® range. Discover our ballooning Santa Claus. How do you like our ore mountain light figures "Engel" and "Bergmann" or our fairy tale characters? Who has ever seen Santa Claus in a shoe? Or is it the old toys that inspire you?

Santa Claus, Nicholas and angel

You will find a variety of Santa Clauses and Santa Clauses on this page. Coloring and combinations change from year to year and the passionate collector will surely find his favorite piece.

Whether in simple red or gorgeous with a white coat and gold ornaments, whether dressed in a felt coat and decorated with carved figures or in a set with a donkey and lucky pig - each figure is unique!

Christmas tree decorations

Where does the Christmas tree decoration come from?

Over the course of time, Christmas tree decorations have taken many forms. At first it was real fruit and nuts that decorated the Christmas tree, but since the middle of the 19th century it has been the glass beauties that have made our tree shine in a variety of ways. The shapes for the glass Christmas decorations that were originally created in Lauscha in Thuringia soon found their way into the Christmas parlors. The popularity of Christmas baubles has remained unbroken to this day. The variety of models makes it possible to decorate the Christmas trees from traditional to modern.

Variations of Christmas tree decorations

Nostalgic Christmas tree decorations - the preservation of a tradition
Especially in the traditional area, MAROLIN® offers a variety of old shapes from the early days of Christmas tree decorations. In addition to balls with a relief-like surface, figurative representations are used as popular Christmas decorations. The hand-blown glass ornaments, carefully carved by experienced figure painters, are covered with a specially mixed patina to underline the historical impression. A Christmas tree top with 6 indents, in which the traditional shapes are reflected, complements the festively decorated tree to the most excellent.

Art deco style - geometric and with clean lines

We have taken up a new direction in the ornamentation of our Christmas tree decorations with the Art Deco style. Geometric bodies with clear lines and strictly delimited areas of color are characteristic of this special type of Christmas decoration. The abstract form elements develop their special effect only through the contrast between light and dark or matt and glossy.

Paper mache Christmas tree decorations

Our ornamented Christmas baubles and tips made from MAROLIN® paper mache are a real alternative to traditional glass jewelry. This Christmas decoration, which is probably unique in the world, fits perfectly with natural trees and achieves its effect through the unobtrusive coloring in plain white with economical gold decorations. We offer tree tips in different sizes, variants and colors to match the balls. A wonderful addition to this Christmas tree decoration is the tree hanging made of Santa Clauses in red or antique white.

Victorian Christmas tree decorations

Our hand-blown and handmade Victorian Christmas baubles are very noble and almost unique. Held in gold and silver, you spray a noble and stylish Christmas atmosphere with your loving and playful designs.

Easter world

Easter bunnies and nostalgic Easter decorations have been part of the range since the company was founded in 1900. The classic Easter bunnies for filling quickly developed into a high-quality and timeless decoration idea for Easter.

In addition, there are a number of historical Easter bunnies and ottoman decorations made from papier-mâché, the historical charm of which cannot be eluded.

Easter egg made from MAROLIN® papier mache

Hand-blown Easter eggs in different colors

Bunnies to fill

Still the classic Easter decoration: Easter bunnies to fill. Sweets, toys or small gifts - everything disappears in the rabbit's belly and is safely hidden from prying eyes.

And the rabbits themselves are a real ornament for the Easter table. We offer the rabbits in white and brown, as well as with or without Easter baskets.

Nostalgic Easter

If you are longing for nostalgic figures for Easter, you will find it here at MAROLIN®. Whether as individual pieces or sets - they are all a splash of color in our Easter decorations.

Discover our variety, from the rabbit mom to the baby cradle to the rabbit dad, everything is represented.

Easter eggs - ornament for the Easter bush

A blooming Easter bouquet adorned with natural-colored Easter eggs from MAROLIN® sets the mood for spring. If you want to be more colorful, you can decorate your windows with hand-blown eggs made of multicolored glass.


Even the little Easter bunnies, chickens, goats or birds embellish the Easter table. They are handcrafted to the smallest detail, true to nature.