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Vintage Christmas decoration

Santa Claus, Nicholas and angels have always been part of Christmas. Likewise, Christmas tree decorations made of glass have been an integral part of Christmas decorations since the end of the 19th century. Our specialty are the old, nostalgic shapes that made the Christmas tree decorations from Lauscha famous.

Discover our Christmas world

Celebrate Christmas like in childhood

Already as children, we were fascinated by Christmas decorations: Starting with the Santa Claus boots, Santa Claus to the glittering tree decorations. All these things filled our hearts with anticipation. And we feel this feeling even today, when in the run-up to Christmas the windows are packed with the many beautiful things and we look at them yearning.

Therefore fulfill a long cherished childhood wish and browse through the offer of MAROLIN®. Discover our balloon-driving Santa Claus. How do you like our Ore Mountains light figures "angel" and "miner" or our fairy tale characters? Who has seen a Santa Claus in the shoe? Or are they the old toys that inspire you?

Santa Claus, Nicholas and angels

A variety of Santa Claus can be found on this page. Color and compositions change from year to year and the passionate collector will certainly find his favorite piece.
Whether in simple red or splendid with white coat and gold ornaments, whether dressed in felt coat and decorated with carved figurines or in a set with donkey and lucky pig - each figure is unique!

Christmas ornaments

In the course of time, the Christmas tree decoration has taken many forms. At first there were fruits and nuts that adorned the tree, but since the middle of the 19th century, the glass beauties that make our tree shine in a variety of ways.
A real alternative to this are our ornamented Christmas tree balls and lace in MAROLIN® papier mâché - probably unique in the world. They go well with natural trees and achieve their effect through the unobtrusive color scheme in plain white.
How about you make your Christmas tree shine in new glass vintage ornaments? Whether in the ArtDeco style or nostalgically playful made of glass or simply made of MAROLIN® papier mâché in plain white. There is something for every taste.

Starting with the mighty St. Nicholas to the smallest miniature, all the figures impress with their attention to detail and their loving color scheme.