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Antique Christmas Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments made of glass are the most popular decoration for the Christmas time! For years, we strive not to let the old glassblowing tradition in Thuringia extinct and focus our production to nostalgic forms and styles, entirely painted by hand. Decorate your Christmas tree with the original!

Christmas decorations

Where does the Christmas tree decoration come from?

In the course of time, the Christmas tree decoration has taken many forms. At first there were real fruits and nuts that adorned the Christmas tree, but since the middle of the 19th century, the glass beauties that make our tree shine in a variety of ways. The forms for the glass Christmas decorations, originally created in Thuringia's Lauscha, soon found their way into the Christmas parlors. The popularity of the Christmas tree balls is unbroken until today. The variety of models makes it possible to decorate the Christmas trees traditionally to modern.

Variations of the Christmas tree decoration

 Nostalgic Christmas tree decorations - the preservation of a tradition

Especially in the traditional sector, MAROLIN® offers a variety of old forms from the early days of Christmas tree decoration. In addition to spheres with relief-like surface figurative representations are used as a popular Christmas decoration. The mouth-blown glass ornaments carefully selected by experienced figure painters are covered with a specially mixed patina to underline the historical impression. A 6-pointed Christmas tree top, in which the traditional forms are reflected, complements the festively decorated tree in the most excellent way.

Art Deco style - Geometric and with clean lines

A new direction in the ornamentation of our Christmas tree decoration, we have taken up again with the Art Deco style. Geometric bodies with clean lines and strictly defined areas of color are characteristic of this special kind of Christmas decoration. The abstract form elements develop their special effect only through the contrast between light and dark or matt and shiny.

 Christmas tree decorations made of papier mâché

A genuine alternative to traditional glass jewelery is our ornamented Christmas tree balls and lace in MAROLIN® papier mâché. This probably unique Christmas decoration fits perfectly to natural trees and achieves its effect by the unobtrusive color scheme in plain white with frugal gold decors. Matching the balls we offer tree tips in different sizes, variants and colors. A wonderful addition to this Christmas tree ornaments is the Christmas tree hangings Santa in red or antique white.

 Victorian Christmas tree ornaments

Very noble and almost unique are our mouth-blown and handmade Victorian Christmas tree balls. Held in gold and silver, you will radiate a noble and stylish Christmas atmosphere through your loving and playful designs.