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 Discover our crib worlds

What joy prepares us when we finally get our nativity scenes in the Advent and Christmas time from the memory.

 Paper mache manger figures

Our modeler Julius Weigelt has created crib figures with an unmistakable character in his long creative period of almost 60 years. For us today, this means that all models carry a handwriting from his hand and can be easily combined with each other.
We always offer crib figures in different sizes. In addition to Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, our extensive offer includes various shepherds, the three wise men, angels and various animals that complement the nativity scene perfectly. The lifelike design of the models based on historical models still allows the exchange or supplement of already existing figures without any problems.

 Crib figures made of plastic

A real alternative to the papier maché figures are our plastic crib figures. They are also suitable for families with children, as they also survive a shock or fall unscathed.
Our nativity figures made of plastic were also designed by our modeler Julius Weigelt and look similar to paper mache figures. They are still manufactured in our company by injection molding and hand painted and patinated.

 Different figure sizes

Our papier mâché crib figures are available in 8 different figure sizes. You can choose between:

o 8.5 in. nativity figurines
o 6.75 in. nativity figures
o 5.75 in. nativity figures
o 4.75 in. nativity figures
o 4.5 in. nativity figures
o 4 in. nativity figures
o 3.5 in. nativity figures
o 1.5 in. Nativity figures

The crib figures are available in 3 different figure sizes. Here you can choose between the following sizes:

o 4.75 in. plastic crib figures
o 3.5 in. plastic crib figures
o 2.75 in. plastic crib figures


We would like to point out, however, that all of our crib figures are not toys in the sense of EN 71! Please allow your children under the age of 14 to play under supervision only.

Browse through our crib worlds, we are sure that the right thing for you.