Set of 7 dwarfs as miner + 3 accessories

Bergwerkszwerge mit Zubehör, 10 Teile
  • Designer: Julius Weigelt
  • Entstehungsjahr: ca. 1931
  • max. Höhe: 6,3 cm (Zwerg mit Hammer)
  • Set: 10 Teile
  • 699_40
  • 4012613210277
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Stories about mysterious dwarves who wreak havoc in the depths of the mountain, were widespread... more

Stories about mysterious dwarves who wreak havoc in the depths of the mountain, were widespread among the forest dwellers.

As in the 15th century undergrown men from Venice wandered through the mountains of the Thuringian Forest and the Ore Mountains, these stories were revived. Wrapped in hooded coats roamed the Venetians silently through the area. They avoided human habitations, because nobody should find out that they were looking for gold and other ores.

As always these stories stimulated the people's fantasy.As garden gnomes the little dwarfs decorate our front yards, as miniatures they are to be seen in our Christmas pyramids and other seasonal decorations.

Type: Figure sets, Sets
Material: Paper-mâché
Width: 2,5 cm
Height: 6,3 cm
Lenght: 3 cm
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Customer evaluation for "Set of 7 dwarfs as miner + 3 accessories"
29 Nov 2020

Ganz tolle Qualität

Superherzlichen Dank für ein Stück Kindheit, die Zwerge kenne ich von meinen Großeltern. Ich freue mich sehr dass sie heute noch immer so aussehen. Für mich eine wundervolle Erinnerung.

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