Terms & Conditions

All our deliveries are based on the following conditions. Verbal or telephone agreements that deviate from this require a written confirmation. If a part of the conditions are canceled the other content of these conditions remains unaffected.

Unless fixed prices have been agreed, the prices are subject to change. The calculation is then carried out at the price in EURO or US-Dollar ex works on the delivery day.

Below our current conditions:

  1. VAT is not applied to direct export deliveries into non-EU member countries. Packaging and shipping will be charged on top.
  2. For commercial customers the minimum order value is EUR 150.00. If the minimum order amount is not reached a surcharge of EUR 10.00 will be added.

Payment Conditions:

  1. For first-time orders and orders in the online shop we deliver after receiving prepayment.

Payments must be made free of charge. The agreed payment must be adhered on time. If exceeded, subject to further claims, interest of 12 % p.a. calculated from the invoice amount plus reminder fees. If the reminder does not lead to payment within the period specified in the reminder letter, a judicial reminder procedure is initiated immediately. The acceptance of bills of exchange is reserved for special agreements and like that of checks, only takes place on payment and subject to redemption. All expenses are borne by the customer. Deductions which have not been agreed or which are excessive will not be recognized and subsequently requested.

Delivery times are always non-binding. In the case of belated delivery the purchaser is not entitled to compensation or the right to withdraw from the contract unless a reasonable subsequent delivery period has been granted.

Subsequent delivery periods of at least two weeks are also approved for fixed dates.

Partial deliveries are permitted and will be charged separately.


The goods are always transported ex works at the expense and risk of the recipient; this bears the risk of transport even with agreed postage and fright-free delivery.

If there are no shipping instructions the delivery will be made at the best discretion using the cheapest shipping methods. In case of mail delivery, we generally pay the shipping fees, which are listed separately at the end of the invoice and are payable due net. The decisive factor for the fulfillment of agreed delivery dates is delivery to the transport company. Packaging is charged at cost price and is no longer taken back. Notices of defects will only be accepted if they are made within 14 days after receiving the goods.

Returns need our prior approval and have to be postage and freight free, well packaged. We refuse to accept parcels that are not prepaid.

Transport damage even if it is not immediately recognizable as such, must be reported to the responsible transport company immediately in any case.

Information of an unfavorable nature or payment difficulties that become know to the supplier subsequently entitle him to withdraw if there is insufficient security. Claims for damages on the part of the purchaser are excluded due to such withdrawal.

Operational disruptions caused by force majeure of any kind or similar cases release us from the obligation to deliver. Claims for damages in this context are excluded.

Ownership is transferred to the buyer when all payment obligations are fully met. Until full payment is made, we have the right to reclaim the goods in whole or in part. The buyer assigns all right from the utilization of the goods to use until full payment is done. Unpaid goods are our property and cannot be seized. If the garnishment does occur, we must be informed immediately. In the case of bankruptcy and settlement the goods - as our property - do not fall under the mass. The purchaser expressly waives all rights under § 50 of the settlement regulations.

The place of performance for both parts is Steinach /Thuringia in Germany.

The place of jurisdiction for any legal disputes is the district court Sonneberg, Thuringia in Germany.

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