Crib figures and Christmas tree decorations by MAROLIN®

For more than a century, MAROLIN has been producing nativity figures, Christmas and Easter items as well as Christmas tree ornaments made of paper mâché and glass. Even today, clay, kaolin, paper flour and vegetable glue are the main components of the original MAROLIN® mass.

The basis for the expressive figures are the models created by company founder Richard Mahr and his modeler Julius Weigelt, who have made the MAROLIN® brand known throughout Europe and the New World and who are still used today.

Based in Steinach in the Thuringian Forest, the company has survived two world wars unscathed. Even the ever-growing pressure of the Communist system in the east of Germany has long been a source of resistance for Richard Mahr's family. Only the expropriation of the company in 1972 sealed the temporary end of MAROLIN®.

The political changes of 1990 made it possible for the heirs of Richard Mahr after more than 18 years to revive the tradition of paper mache figures.

By a lucky coincidence, the original recipe of the MAROLIN® mass was found on the back of a cellar door. Also, a large part of the mold stock - although in need of much repair - still existed.

Enthusiastic about the new beginning, former employees made their knowledge and skills available to the company and taught the younger ones the old craft.

Since then, the original MAROLIN® figures have enjoyed growing popularity. Today, the hand-painted nativity figures, Santa Claus, Easter bunnies and Christmas tree decorations are sent back to all over the world.

MAROLIN® papier mâché crib figures

The "classic nativity scene" consists of the Holy Family, the Three Magi (Three Magi from the East), the crib animals such as ox and donkey and various shepherds.

The MAROLIN® Nativity sets contain all these figures and thus form an excellent base, which can be extended with a variety of accessories and figures. In addition to numerous animals, such as sheep, goats, dogs, camels and elephants, you can expand and supplement your personal nativity scene with many shepherds. In addition, we offer nursery stalls, fires and fountains tailored to the size of the nativity scene as crib accessories. All articles can be ordered here in the online shop of MAROLIN® conveniently from home.

To the crib figures made of paper mache.

Where was the first nativity scene?

Francis of Assisi gave his famous Christmas sermon in 1223 in a cave near the village of Greccio. In order to bring the mystery of the Holy Night to the simple, ignorant people, he played the Christmas story with living nativity figures and animals.

The first figural representations of nativity scenes date back to the middle of the 16th century. Nativity figurines were initially set up mainly in monasteries and churches at Christmas time. Worthy of mention is the nativity scene of the Prague Jesuits from 1562. In the subsequent period, this custom spread in smaller towns. The first written mention of a nativity set up dates back to 1615 and describes the nativity figures in the Benedictine nunnery Nonnberg near Salzburg

The distribution of nativity scenes is mainly due to the South Tyrolean mountain farmers and carvers from the Val Gardena. These began carving wooden crib figures in the 17th century. These nativity figures soon found their way into the Christmas decoration of private houses.

The model of the original MAROLIN® crib figurines - Julius Weigelt - was also inspired by the crib figures made of wood originally from Val Gardena.

Of course, the nativity scenes have undergone many changes to this day. But MAROLIN® crib figures are still among the most expressive of their kind.

Stocking of Christmas pyramids

If you want to equip a Christmas pyramid with crib figures, you are usually correct in sizes up to twelve centimeters. In such a case, please always pay attention to the actual size of the figure, as indicated in the detail view. We will gladly help you to put together your pyramid equipment!

MAROLIN® | Angel figures and saints

Angel figures and saints have always played a major role in traditional nativity scenes. Choose from our wide range of products for you. The various representations of the MAROLIN® angels are also very suitable as a small present or as a guardian angel

MAROLIN® plastic | Crib figures made of plastic

In the 70s of the last century the range was extended by three sizes of plastic crib figures. These figures are made 100% in our house. They are produced by injection molding and are lovingly handpainted and patinated.

The various crib figures made of plastic MAROLIN® plastic can be found here:

12cm size crib figures made of plastic

9cm size crib figures made of plastic

7cm size crib figures made of plastic


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